What Do I Need To Know Before My Examination?

When you contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation, you will be given two options. The first option is to schedule a brief individual consultation with Dr. Newton. The second option, for those wanting to gather more information about our office, is to schedule for our weekly Chiropractic Introductory Presentation. Whether you choose an individual consultation or a group presentation, you will have the option of scheduling a NeuroStructural Examination immediately following the individual consultation or at a later time.

The NeuroStructural Examination is comprehensive and you should plan on being here no less than 45 minutes. In this examination you can expect;

  • Complete set of Digital Structural Radiographs
  • Digital Structural Analysis
  • 3D Structural Shift Analysis
  • Structural Thermography
  • NeuroFunctional Assessment
  • Any Necessary Orthopedic and Neurological tests

The purpose of the examination is to objectively detect the presence of one or more Structural Shifts. It is also designed for you to have a thorough understanding of the potential cause of your condition. Following the examination you will be scheduled for a conference where we will go over the results of the examination, how we can help you and we will present a customized care plan designed specifically for your health care needs.

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