What Are My Options?

Our job, through the consultation and the examination, is to find out if NeuroStructural Chiropractic is best for you. We will do our very best to explain how other health care professionals, including other conventional chiropractors, may treat your health concerns and compare it to our approach. Dr. Newton will provide you with not only an understanding of what we do in our office, but what the best option is for your health. If we find during the consultation or examination that your case is not the perfect fit for our office, Dr. Newton will refer you to a healthcare provider that is right for you and your health care needs.

Dr. Newton previews the examination during the consultation so you will have a clear understanding of what he is looking for that would indicate your underlying problem is in fact a Structural Shift. This is accomplished by analyzing 5 main Objective Indicators.  A brief explanation of what is included in a thorough NeuroStructural Examination can be viewed here.

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