The Power of MCT Oil

MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil is a fantastic way to encourage weight loss and get a boost in energy. If you remember back to the newsletter article or our blog on Bullet Proof Coffee, we briefly touched on the benefits of MCT Oil. Medium chain triglycerides are saturated fats that are much easier for your body to digest then the more common long chain triglycerides. The body is able to send them directly to your liver where you body can turn it into energy. MCT is missing from the average diet, supplementing with MCT Oil is a great easy way to fit them into your diet! Other ways to get MCT’s is in coconut oil and a small amount is found in butter. It is recommended to still supplement with MCT to insure you are receiving all four MCT’s. The shorter the chain the faster your body can transform it into ketones for energy. MCT oil is great as a condiment, it can be used on top of salads, drizzled on broccoli, and more. It’s a great way to help diminish fat storage, make you feel full quicker, and helps you have more energy.

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