The Ketogenic Diet

Looking to lose weight? Need to lower blood sugar levels? Then maybe the Ketogenic Diet is the lifestyle change for you! The Ketogenic Diet is a low carb diet that helps promote a more efficient way to create energy and in doing so, get rid of extra fat. This diet is great for not only weight loss but also helps curb hunger, increase energy levels, improve health, lower blood sugar, and overall, helps you look and feel better!
When a person has a high carbohydrate filled diet the body creates large amounts of insulin and glucose. Since glucose is the easiest molecule for the body to break down and use as energy that is just what it does. The insulin that is created is then used to spread the glucose from the bloodstream to fat cells. Given that the glucose is being used as energy too, the body stores any fats instead of utilizing it for energy. The goal of the Ketogenic Diet is to limit the amount of carbs so that your body can enter a ketotic state. When your body reaches ketosis, the body goes into survival mode and starts to create ketones. Ketones are energy created by the breakdown of fat in your liver. So the goal is to limit your carbohydrates to burn fat not glucose! The Ketogenic Diet consist of 25% proteins, 70% fats, and 5% (or less) carbohydrates (mostly from veggies). The food that is crucially to avoid are: wheat (bread, cereal, pasta…), starch (potatoes, beans…) and fruit (A Guide).
Realize that cutting out the carbs in a diet is a BIG change for many people. While the body is adjusting the person may experience headaches, mental fog, flu like symptoms, dizziness, or aggravation. This is because of the electrolytes being flushed out of the body. To help with any of these symptoms drink plenty of water and add salt (Himalayan pink salt is the best) to your meals, this will help replenish electrolytes(A Guide).
If you would like more information on the Ketogenic Diet or want help getting started, the site offers a great 30 day diet plan, recipes, and helps with proper portions for your food using your body fat percentage and lifestyle. Check it out at:

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