Microwave Dangers

90% of households in the US own a microwave, but is it safe? Unfortunately the answer is no. The real question is: is the convenience worth you and your families health?
In 1991 a hospital in Oklahoma used a microwave to warm up a woman’s blood when she needed a blood transfusion during hip surgery. The microwave altered the blood so much that it killed her. This made a man name Hans Hertel wonder if by microwaving our foods we are changing our food on a chemical level (Mercola, The Proven). Ends up it does. Microwaves ZAPS the nutrients out of your food. You can buy the highest quality of organic veggie’s or grass fed meat, but as soon as it is microwaved you have killed the nutrients. Test were done on broccoli where they tested microwave vs. steaming. When steamed broccoli lost less than 11% of its beneficial antioxidants, in the microwave it lost over 97%. Further studies found that the way that microwave heat actually makes a radiolytic compound that has not been found in humans or in nature, the effects of consuming this compound has yet to been found. Microwaves work by taking the water molecules in the food and resonating them at extremely high frequencies so that it becomes steam, the steam then heats your food. This often causes uneven heating leading to burns or steam explosions. There are multiple cases where babies were getting burned from there bottles due to the uneven heating.
Microwaving with plastic or paper are known for releasing toxins into our food. Studies were done on common microwaved food such as pizza, dinners, popcorn, and they found that several carcinogens were released along with bisphenol A (BPA)(Mercola, The Hidden). Radiation is another issue that needs to be addressed before you press that start button! The FDA states that the microwaves that may be escaping when using a microwave is an “insignificant” amount and is “well below the level known to harm people”. Powerwatch an independent non-profit disagreed saying that the current regulations are unsafe and they ask that you get your microwave checked yearly or you can purchase a $20 radiation test for your home. A Dr. Magda Havas at Trent University did testing where he found that 2.4 GHz of radiation (the same amount in wifi routers and microwaves) has been linked to changes in heart rate and blood sugar, they also found it had the potential to cause a type of diabetes (Mercola, The Hidden). It is suggested that when microwaving to step back, the farther away from that microwave you are when it is running the better, also be aware that microwaves can go through walls.
So how can you stop using the microwave? Cook in bulk, make large meals and freeze them so you can heat it in an oven later. Plan ahead so there is no last minute meals, cook in the toaster oven, re-heat using a steamer or just eat raw vegetables.

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