Is it in your Head? Or your Spine?

People come to Precision Chiropractic for many reasons. Recently most of our new patients have had the same chief complaint; experiencing headaches or migraines. You may ask why someone would go to a Chiropractor for this particular secondary condition (symptom)? To answer that question, I want to briefly touch on some case studies and their conclusions. One study was done on a 13 year old female child who had complaints of neck pain and continuous headaches. After visiting her family Doctor she was told to visit a Chiropractor. After just 4 Chiropractic adjustment over a 2 week period she was pain free (Hewitt). The second study I would like to mention is one done on 85 patients who received 2 spinal adjustments or therapy treatments a week for a 2 month period. All 85 patients, prior to treatment, experienced frequent migraines and headaches. After the 2 month period all patients had an improvement in frequency, intensity, and duration of their migraines and headaches (Parker). For more case studies on headache/migraines feel free to visit the website After reading these, and multiple other case studies, I found that they each came to the same conclusion: Chiropractic care, by reducing the nerve pressure in the spine, can benefit those suffering from headaches and migraines.

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