How to Run: Are your running habits taking years off your life?

We have so many passionate runners at our office and it is fantastic! We love to fill the office with people who are bettering themselves with a healthy life style. A word of caution though for those who long distance run and do so frequently, a study done by the American College of Cardiology proved that working out for extended periods of time and often can take YEARS OFF of your life! This does not mean stop running altogether, just know your limits, and the RIGHT way to work out.

The study by the American College of Cardiology was done over 15 years, doing tests on people ranging from age 18 to 100. They found that running more the 20 miles per week could take years off a persons life. They actually recommend running less then an hour per week. They found that this increased life spans and decreased the risk of premature death. They also go on to say that high intensity/short duration workouts are the best forms of exercise!  High intensity/short duration workouts consist 30 to 60 sec of exercise at full effort and then a recovery period of walking or resting and repeat for about 12 to 15 minutes and do this about 5 times a week. It is recommended to do 30+ minutes of walking, jogging, cycling, or running.

So how could short, quick, workouts increase your life span? Because it increases ability to use oxygen and insulin. This reduces risks of cancer and lowers inflammation. Also it was found that pushing yourself to the limit for brief periods of time with periods of rest, is more effective then prolonged activities when improving heart, lung, metabolic and mechanical functions.

For our runners who just LOVE to go for long distance 60 minute runs or aerobic exercises, take Curcumin Daily or Fish Oil. These are natural sources to decrease inflammation. Please DON’T do long distance running everyday, alternate between workouts. Monday and Thursday do your long run but make Tuesday and Friday a high intensity day, and take a break on Wednesday. Work out the right way while still doing the things you enjoy! Below are two running methods that will help improve your running experience.

Pose Method: A running form that utilizes gravity to prevent over exerting yourself. Using the Running Pose which is your body forming an S shape (torso forward and one leg bent) and letting gravity do the rest, you save energy and prevent injury. They break running down to just 3 fundamentals: Pose, Fall, Pull. There is a beginners guide offered jam packed with running drills, strengthening exercises, and a training schedule (Become) ! They do offer multiple videos for free, so check them out at:

Chi Running: A balanced way to run! Some of the main principles to chi running are: relaxation, correct alignment and posture, landing with a mid foot strike, utilizing gravity, focusing on core strength, and connecting the mind and body. The idea of Chi Running is to capitalize using your core muscles instead of extremities. By using your core you can move more efficiently and prevent/reduce injuries (Chi). Check out Chi Running at:

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