Heavy Metals

Heavy metal in the body is a highly over looked subject. Heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, uranium, or cadmium can be found everywhere. If a child gets all of the recommend vaccinations up to the age of 18 months that child  has been injected with over 4,925 mcg of aluminum. To put this in perspective the EPA states that the acceptable amount or aluminum to have in that period is 25 mcg (Child). But these heavy metals are not found in just vaccines, they are found in metal amalgams (fillings), smog, car keys, toys made in China, some bodies of water, big fish (tuna), second hand smoke, pesticides and herbicides, protein powders, dietary supplements, metal food containers, and more (Heavy). Having an abundance of heavy metals in your system can cause fatigue, moodiness, disrupted sleep, headaches, weaken immune system, low hormones, or brain fog. If you feel as though you or someone you know has too much metal in their system you should try Metal Free Detox.  Metal Free is a dietary supplement that helps your body rid itself of heave metals. Using short chained proteins called a peptide, Metal Free wraps around the heavy metal in your system like a cage. This not only prevents the metal from doing more harm and cause interference in the body, but also let you expel it in naturally in your stool.


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