Got Water?

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you, but it’s amazing how many people do not drink the appropriate amount of water. Few people know exactly how much water they should be consuming a day. Most people are drink less than half the amount their body needs! It is simple; take your own weight (in pounds) divide that by 2 and that is the amount of ounces you should drink EACH day. Also 2 glasses for each soda, coffee, or tea, these are considered dehydrating drinks and should be either avoided or drank in moderation. Also depending on how much you sweat, either due to heat or exercise, you may want to drink even more.
Why should we be drinking that much water you ask? The human body is 75% water we fuel and energize ourselves with water! Water helps prevent kidney damage and studies showed 5 glasses of water a day can decrease your risk of colon cancer by 45%. In the past 15 years there has been a huge rise in the amount of kidney stones that are found in children due to the lack of water intake. Water helps with proper digestion, and can help boost your metabolism. Often times the human body can’t tell the difference between being hungry or thirsty so if your tummy is rumbling try drinking more water.
Did you know without water the human body would actually poison itself with its own waste and toxins!? To help you improve your water intake here are some helpful tips: bring a sports bottle with you and fill it throughout the day, keep a glass on your desk at work or school, keep water by your bed, cut down on the sugary/caffeinated drinks, be aware of how much you are drinking, drink a glass of water before each meal and continue to drink throughout your day.

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